My DayZ gripes. Too afraid to post in offical forums.

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My DayZ gripes. Too afraid to post in offical forums.

by Failhorse » Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:15 pm

I won't post on official forums. Everyone screams 'realism' blah harden the fuck up. Ect. I'm all for a realistic game experience. But Some of the shit going on (YES I KNOW IT'S AN ALPHA) is just plain stupid.

Food/ Drink.

You spawn in the game hungry and thirsty. This is understandable. You don't know how you ended up where you are. Plane crash, maybe a genie. But chances are you will spawn between Kamenka and Electro. Along with the 39 other people on the server. There are plenty of places to find loot, including food and drink. Starting you need 2 food items and 2 full drink items to satisfy yourself. Assume 500 buildings you can get into to find loot. 4-5 possible loot items in each building. 2500 pieces of loot. Maybe 1200 will be food/drink items. Sure that sounds like a lot. But you have 39 other people competing and killing each other over the same items. In the official forums, they say to get off the coast and find safer places. Sure. You still need some items to get off the coast. If you try jogging north, without anything, you'll perma-pass out after about 15 minutes. After you're fatigued it's really hard to get rid of. You're as good as dead. So you have to scrounge for something on the coast. Now go back to those numbers. 1200 possible food/drink items. 40 people. Each needing 4 items. 1/2 of them consuming something and dying within 10 minutes. Items don't respawn. So after something is looted is gone until server restart. The coast ends up barren of all items, less helmets and random crap about 30 minutes in. Those who survived are probably OK to move inland. Everyone else for the next 3.5 hours, until server restart, is fucked.

OK so we survived off the coast. What now? Why not go North. That's what Squirrel, Legendary, Tropp, and myself did. Squirrel went on his own so he's excised from the rest of my rant. Here's where realism smacks you in the face. Imagine having to eat a can of Spaghettios every 1.5 KM to stay healthy. Our trip north brought us through 5 towns. We cleared any useful item from every one of those because your character is constantly hungry and thirsty. Not very realistic for one. We travelled about 10KM, between the 3 of us ate 14 cans of something. Drank who knows how much. Now every person that comes after us is fucked. They will find nothing.

Gripe 2 - passing out.

Here's more realism bullshit. Imagine playing for 3 hours. Now 2 of those will be jogging to point a or point b. Sounds fun already. Say you make it somewhere and pass out. Oh, right just a black screen for a few minutes. It'll be OK. No.... Your blackout can take up to 45 minutes. If you wake up at all. Currently you're only option is to respawn, which takes you back to the coast, starting all over. You know for the sake of realism....

Don't get me wrong. I've had more fun playing the mod than any other game. SA has a lot of potential. And I'm addicted.
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Re: My DayZ gripes. Too afraid to post in offical forums.

by Nikki Wolf » Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:55 pm

Too afraid? Feedback is feedback, and I'm sure the devs would be happy to hear from you on their forums. Just don't read what the community says, if you don't want to put up with what they have to say. It's just that the devs aren't going to come here for your feedback.
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