DayZ Day 1 with the group.

Zombies are the least of your problems.

DayZ Day 1 with the group.

by Failhorse » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:41 am

Day one consisted of myself, Legendary, SquirrelMstr, Crimson Ghost, and Troppmann.

Videos would be nice. But figure it took 2 hours for all of us to meet up the first time. Standalone is weird. Gotta eat and drink a lot. Or you glitch pass out and have to respawn.

We all do things for over an hour. Finally get together. We meet up at the new city NE of Balota. Lots of tall empty, useless buildings. We find some storage lockers. I find some handcuffs and practice BDSM on Legendary. We stay there way too long. Crimson is still lost in the ether. Out of the woods to our north a few bullets fly killing Legendary, Squirrel, and Tropp. I pull my now patented 'chicken out and run away.' Gun vs. hatchet, apparently my teammates want me to run right at the guy with a gun. I like living. I flank around a building, into the woods where the gun man came from. I spot the guy looting a body. Sneak up behind him and put the hatchet in the back of his skull.

-Note my luck this doesn't instantly kill him. He shoots a bunch while i continue to hatchet him, misses every shot. Then he combat logs. What is combat logging? You are in an engagement and quit to save your life/gear. In the alpha you can't see players names, but you can see who joins. When this fucker came back the chat log showed someone with a c|b (combo breaker) tag. Bitches....

So I cover the bodies. Legendary and Tropp get back. Squirrel decides to head up North. We follow suit. Nothing happens for a good 45 minutes. Then our job up north turns into a rescue mission. Squirrel glitched out. We get up there. Legendary kills a poor guy with a hatchet. We fail at fixing Squirrel. Find a quiet place and log out.

This would have sucked without a group. So, if you like/want dayZ, play with people.
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Re: DayZ Day 1 with the group.

by Toeknee » Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:21 am

I hopped on the Server you guys were on, but wanted to get a feel for the game before hindering anyone.

First spawn I got in a fist fight with a few zombies. I escaped only to bleed out.
Second Spawn I fell off a building >.<

I will start jumping into Mumble when I see everyone playing.
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Re: DayZ Day 1 with the group.

by LegendarySurgeon » Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:41 am

I picked up FRAPS, maybe next time one or both of us will have footage to show for our adventures.
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