DayZ Standalone FPS Fixer.

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DayZ Standalone FPS Fixer.

by Failhorse » Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:38 pm

This should help with FPS. Stolen from CarlJ

Open Steam, right click on DayZ and choose properties and choose Launch parameters. In there you add the following, which you fill out to fit your computer. A good thing is to start adding them one by one, to see if it helps or gets worse.

-nosplash -skipIntro -world=empty(world empty is supposed to empty out the whole menu) I saw that -winxp causes an error. "Error: Device reset failed, error 8876086c" So avoid that till we know its working.

Theres also -maxMem=[your amount], -maxVRAM=[your amount(In the mod 2047 was max)], cpuCount=[your amount], -exThreads=[your amount]

Example for Dualcore CPU (i3)

nosplash -skipIntro -world=empty -maxMem=2047 -maxVRAM=1023 -cpuCount=2 -exThreads=4

Example for quadcore CPU(i5):

nosplash -skipIntro -world=empty -maxMem=2047 -maxVRAM=1023 -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=4

Example for quadcore CPU with Hyperthreading(i7)

nosplash -skipIntro -world=empty -maxMem=2047 -maxVRAM=1023 -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7

Example for AMD FX8120 or FX 8150

nosplash -skipIntro -world=empty -maxMem=2047 -maxVRAM=1023 -cpuCount=6 -exThreads=7

For the mod you would change your -maxVRAM=2047 as a maximum, because the mod wouldn't support more. I.e, if you put -maxVRAM=6141, it would automatically go down to 2047.And as for a minimum you would put -maxVRAM=511.

We need confirmation on how much VRAM and maxMem the SA supports. Logically you should be able to put -maxMem=4094, as the recommended amount of Ram is 4.

Step numero dos would be to locate and open your .cfg-file as been posted on the forum before. (C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ)

Changeing the values:






Value "1" seems to help people aswell.

There is also the RAMdisk trick, but youll have to figure that out yourself, as the game now is bigger than the mod was(Does not help much when you have an SSD)
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