Far Cry 4 - Amazing game - Review

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Far Cry 4 - Amazing game - Review

by Balubish » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:15 pm

Spoiler Alert!

Hello awesome ppl of CSn, I know atlest Nikki also play this game but I thought I do a review of it and personal opinions, feel free to add comments. And abiding the review rules with clean engrish "Failhorse"
well you kinda have to be around to have a point on it, but i try to keep it as "English as possible" ;) So might be several misssssssspelled parts. Hope you understand anyways.


First off, the game looks great and it will eat your PC performance to breakfast and then crap it out at lunch. Many of you already know my specs but this is for any new ppl to. I have an GTX 780 under Water and its OC like a mofo. +165MHz on the core @ 1.312volts and a total core frequency 1262MHz and so far as a newb OC its pretty high especially on a GTX 780. But nvm back to the review.

The game looks great, and are really fun sneaking around hunting animals or the opposite side. Got the game last thursday and dont know how many hours ive spent on it. All i can say, I have explored half map, but have alooot of missions left to run. And I did try playing Far Cry 3 but it dint stick at all for some reason. But this game hooked me right in. The graphics part is extreme in any way. The fur looks awesome, a tiger or any other animal with fur in real life looks real damnit! Atleast on a distance, when you come up close it kinda looks weird but I can understand that. Imagine ur PC rendering every single hair on a tiger or person. Were not there yet, I bet atleast 10 years or more until we have come to that computing power on a home PC. Every real thing in the game that can move in real life move. Water, tree leaves and I mean every frikkin leave moves, grass etc.
When you fly over trees even the tree moves from the wind. Its insane and are happy I bought the game.

Note even my expensive ass graphics card having a hard time on Ultra setting running the game so to run it to the fullest u need some GPU power and also cash to buy it. Still even for you guys that dont have that kind of money I think you very well will enjoy this game very much even on lower settings.
If you like alot of different missions, sneaking around in bushes and in the forest in general, either killing your enemies/animals with bow or alot of weapon choices. The game have mosly everything. And I hope it doesnt end soon cause I like it to much. To make a comparission I bought Bioshock Infinite and finished it in a single run, at about 10 hours, cause I got stuck in it.
Far Cry 4 you get alot more to do in and are really nice looking and fun to play.
Hope you enjoy my "rookie review" and I uploaded some random gameplays yesterday to add to this section. Some of the clips have FPS counter just to show you guys how much power it takes to run it.
The videos are at Ultra settings and with SMAA. There is an NVidia setting but then my frames drop even more, about 10fps less so couldnt play on it. Hope you enjoy my review. Peace out Balubish.

Random Savior

Flying around killing ppl

Releasing the tiger in Shangri-La

Shangri-La First a bit from the first part

Shangri-La Matrix style, looks so cool.



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Re: Far Cry 4 - Amazing game - Review

by Doctor Galaxy » Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:36 pm

Nice review, Balu.
Gotta say, I loved Pagan Min's character.
He's a gentleman, but at the same time he's very outgoing and unorthodox, which makes me like him, despite my understanding of him being the antagonist of the game.
Also the secret ending where you actually wait for him to come back is pretty cool.
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