J Michael Straczynski to Finish Terminator Story in Comics

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J Michael Straczynski to Finish Terminator Story in Comics

by Failhorse » Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:13 pm


Anytime a sci-fi story comes up, especially movies or TV, I get interested. Not so much for the sake of sci-fi. Wachowski's & Michael Bay excluded, generally the stories are better. There's some semblance of character development and we get shown, pending a good writer, a new universe to work with. Later on, there's always a downside. Studios take an original story then squeeze until it's cashed out. The Terminator franchise is a perfect example. We had a few good movies. And shockingly some horrible ones. You'd figure with the universe created it'd be pretty easy to finish telling a story. But they had go and fuck it up all nice like.

In case you didn't know. Hollywood is completely out of ideas. Amongst the other reboots, Point Break - no seriously, Ghostbusters, and Police Academy, Terminator is also starting over, of sorts. I don't really blame them. It would take a lot of courage to just say the first 2 were fine. Let's start over with the 3rd. But Arnold is kinda a dick. And it's hard to forget shit like this:
You had me at boobs

So the current T universe is over. We'll get a new one. It might be OK. But if you want to know how humans beat the machines J Michael Straczynski will come to your rescue. If unfamiliar with the name. He was the writer/producer from the 90s TV show Babylon 5. (Amongst a million other good things.) You know that one realistic Sci-Fi show that beat Star Trek in ratings. It was the Firefly of the day. OK, won't go on about Babylon 5.

JMS will write a series of comics, for Dark Horse, that will cover the original 1997 storyline, what Skynet first did all the way to the final battle.

As for the next Terminator film? What the fuck is a fat Arnold going to do in T5?
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Re: J Michael Straczynski to Finish Terminator Story in Comi

by Balubish » Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:17 pm

U know he wasnt in T4 right? He was animated, and probably will be in T5 also if that comes out too.

BTW failman! U said u were looking for a blogger, well u got one, you are that person :)


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Re: J Michael Straczynski to Finish Terminator Story in Comi

by Nikki Wolf » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:11 pm

I've enjoyed the Terminator films myself, but I agree that it could have all stopped at 2. Eh, I at least want to see John Connor and his army take down Skynet, if anything >w<
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