Review: Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

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Review: Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

by Thomas The Train » Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:56 pm

Published on May 27, 2013
Download: ... lator2013/
Coming to Steam Greenlight soon!

First of all, I was very lucky to get a beta copy of this game 2 weeks before it was released. I have been playing this game ever since, beating the campaign everyday. This game is 100% pure and original and very addicting.

Here is a video of Nova doing a playthrough of the game.

Go ahead to 2:22. As you can see here is when you enter the kitchen. This was very much the scariest part of the game. I must give it to the devs, they know to pump me up in a simulator.

Either way, go and watch the video. The campaign is a very long one, 15 minutes. 15 mins of extreme robo vacuuming. A very fun game indeed. One of my problems was not playing this game, its just way to fun. I also learned a life leason from this game, clean up your shit more so your robot vacuum cleaner doesn't have to work his ass off cleaning it for you :(

Either way, this game was 100% spot on and i would recommend this to everyone who enjoys fast paced simulators about robots cleaning stuff.

Here you are in action:

Isn't that awesome?!!?!

Thats the end of my review. I give this a 11/10 just because it was a perfect game. I would be totally happen if this was put into steam, and I think you would too :D
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