Genre shows: Revolution

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Genre shows: Revolution

by Failhorse » Sat May 11, 2013 7:11 pm

For those who don't know Revolution. It's a show on NBC, when I first heard about it. Gave me that warm tingly feeling of Sci-fi on network TV. ( By that I mean Firefly. Kill it immediately because we're TV execs that can only handle reality TV.)

So Revolution. Something made the power not work. OK JJ Abrams tell me more. We spend a split season watching a whiny bitch child try to find her brother. With good actors like Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito taking a back seat to supporting roles. Why? Well that special 18-25 demographic. Meanwhile, much like Lost, it's never explained why the fat guy stays fat or how they keep themselves clean. But fine, that doesn't take me out of the story.

What does?

OK 2nd part of season 1 starts. Whiny girl finds her brother. And the bad guys find little Apple pendants that turn the power back on in a specific radius. So 20 years without power, the bad guy has helicopters and pilots that still work. OK FINE. Still doesn't take me out of the story. Then we find out why the power went out. Apparently there was a government project to create these little nano-bots that eat energy. The plan was to release them in the Middle East to stop the terrorists. What? That makes no sense at all. Then we find out something went horribly wrong and they reproduced and cut the power to the entire world. Why? The evil Randall Flynn did something in a place called 'the tower' to make them spread and throw the entire world back to the 1800s. Why? Because his son was killed by terrorist.... WHY? Because he wants to restart the world, in one of those New World Orders, where a select few have ALL the power.

Fault 1. You will note a lot of sociopathic tendencies here, where a specific person somehow condemns the entire world for personal reasons. Or. Kill the world because I'm a selfish prick.

What now? OK whiny girl Charlie. Well they find her mother. And some answers. By that none at all. We find out answers. Like the entire purpose of 1/2 a season finding her brother was a thinly veiled plot point to kill him off. Why? Well we find out that Charlie's mother (Rachel) implanted a device made of those same nano-bots to keep him alive. Now that the boy is dead. Well we gotta turn the power back on. If she went to the tower at any other point before, the nanobots that eat the energy, plus the nanobots keeping the boy alive would all die, and it would kill him.

So seriously, Rachel damned the whole world to keep her son alive. This also killed her husband. Moreover she hadn't seen her children in over a decade. She was being held captive.

It gets better though. As we move on. We find one of Rachel's old co-workers. Who wouldn't help because nano-bots were keeping her lesbian wife/friend alive. And if they turned on the power she'd die.

Long story short. I won't go into the Miles part of the story. But a few selfish people doomed the world. That's the premise of the show. 3 people basically convinced the American government it was a good idea to bring civil war to an entire planet. And a starving fat guy could eat. I guess.

The end.
Thankfully Defiance has been renewed for a 2nd season. I highly recommend the show.
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