Internet = Freedom of speech and information

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Internet = Freedom of speech and information

by Balubish » Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:06 am

So the warningbells here in Sweden are upon North Korea fassion. Our government tried back in 2008 they wanted internet filtration and voted down, thankfully.
Having alot of fucking commie bastards in this country making it a fucking playground for rapists and regular fucked up ppl that come in now that want to implement sharia laws etc.
Now they have started to get into this again and having alot of commies in every party its dangerous close that the votes can be most yes wich destroys freedom of information, like North Korea.

One of our biggest internet provider and former provider to PirateBay posted this info that they are up to it again.
The governemt claims its for online gambling so they can turn of IP so we cant even find the sites etc but if that law is implemented they can basicly turn off whatever they want and not breaking the law.

We know that our government is the most corrupted ever now and alot of info about swedens collapse and immegraition problems are getting to our knowlege through sites outside of Sweden and we know they will cut off info like this aswell cause even media here work closely with them and some politicians even claim that some big ass news sites are racists cites that brings up rapes, murder and all kinda of dark shit going on here. Cause right now the ppl are about to go "Full Viking on the streets" if they dont stop the problems. And thats their problem, we still find out even though they dont post it in our media.

About 2 weeks ago they found info that over 5000 reports "Named with police code" that the cops had hold back of some kind of violence have been reported at the living quarters for the asylum seeker wich is fucking nuts. Its mostly christian vs muslim that either burn down the house they live in complelty or threaten or even rape children at. And that info was hold back from the ppl but thanks from outside media that actually dont censor info we have gotten alot of info about it.

Just to give you an example maybe 10years ago I saw the problem at the schools in that time mainly Malmö. And it was from US but sweden never showed it or told this problem to the ppl.
Segregation is the corner stone to making alot of criminals. So the US reporter was in Malmö at one school and asked this simple question to the principal. How many students do you have here? About 1000. How many of them are swedish, Answer: 2. That was around 10 years ago. The government are basicly building up a second hand citizen, wich grows alot of problems in all areas.
Today we have 52 No-Go zones, and for you who dont know what that is means not even the police can go in those areas before they get attacked with stones throwed at the cars. And we have several thousand cars burned down in these ghettos each year. They steal the hoses from the firemen when they come to an area trying to light out fires etc or even cut holes in the hoses to make shit keep buring.
And this weekend they burned up an ambulance.

Sweden used to be calm until they fucked it up completly.

The problem the governement have today is that we reach info from the net easily showing how and ppl post all this shit happening all over internet, Facebook etc and it spreads like cancer on the net.
But the good kind cause it shows what the fuck our government are doing.

So my question to you guys if someone knows. Is it possible to go around this kind of free information blockings?

If you dont want to post about it here if it might be an illegal way I personally dont give a fuck cause the government are showing its stand how they wanna run the country.
So if you know how to but dont want to post it here I understand aswell, send me a private message about it. Cause I refuse this communist shit in my world.



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