PSA why everyone should listen to Mike Patton

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PSA why everyone should listen to Mike Patton

by Failhorse » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:12 pm

Rolo inspired me to help you discover this guy. Mike Patton is a diverse artist. You may know him as the singer from Faith No More.... But there is so much more. He has done everything. And something he's done you will like.... He has like an 8 octave range and has done everything. Including being the voices of the zombies in left 4 dead, the anger sphere in portal. And whats his nuts from Bionic Commando.

So. Faith No more:

Don't like it. How about comparing him to the modern Frank Zappa?

no? How about electronic infused?

Ok fine. Opera?

No? How about ska?

Fuck you.. Movie stuff?

Still not sold?

You can find 10x rock related stuff, electronic, strange, even all instrumental. He'll gladly find 10 fisher price toys and record a song with the sounds they make.
He also does movie sound tracks.
The place beyond the pines
Crank 2
some others i don't remember.

check it out.
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Re: PSA why everyone should listen to Mike Patton

by Beartato » Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:37 pm

Thanks for putting Patton on my radar. Any Tomahawk albums you recommend over the others?
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