Minecraft Dota

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Minecraft Dota

by Nikki Wolf » Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:42 am

I saw this yesterday on Kotaku, and I was wanting to try it out. Unfortunately, it requires at least six people, and I don't know if my network can handle 6-10 people. If anyone wants to see what it looks like:

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/116 ... raft-dota/
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Re: Minecraft Dota

by medkitz » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:45 am

I don't like minecraft nor do I own it.(I played for a weekend lon ago). however i do play league AND dota 2 so i might actully enjoy this. oh i wish i had the game somtimes
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Re: Minecraft Dota

by duck » Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:24 am

we need this mod!

Re: Minecraft Dota

by Smeemo » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:46 am

Looks pretty impressive. I'd be willing to try it.
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Re: Minecraft Dota

by meh » Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:15 pm

I've never played Dota before, but this seems really cool, I'd play
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