Obsceneuser needs help -_-

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Obsceneuser needs help -_-

by Obsceneusername » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:01 am

Granted i have a slow laptop and i lag out of the server frequently, but lately i've been lagging so bad that combat is IMPOSSIBLE. The only thing i can hope for is that whatever creature it may be kills me quickly and that i was smart enough to leave most of my junk in a chest. Sometimes they deal too much damage too quickly and i lag out of the server before i lose my last half-heart to which i begrudgingly applaud...

My problem is this:
I've been working on a "project" of sorts which requires the utmost secrecy (i only work on it when i'm alone on the server). Monsters have started spawning in it, leaving me helpless to finish it. :( So far, i've lost countless stone picks, 2 iron picks, 1 bucket of lava, 1 bucket of water, 37 redstone torches, 128+ stone, 9 gold ore and 2 diamonds. :oops: Perhaps someone could act as a bodyguard, or more than likely, finish it for me
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