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Unban Request

by Kaiuu » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:10 pm

Name - kaiuu

Before I start off, I would like to say that the events of the past months have shown me the value this community has to me. I bear no ill will towards anyone involved in this, and after my ban has ended or been suspended, I ask that everyone involved in this tries their best to feel the same way.

I would also like to ask admins and community members reading my recollection of events equally to lia's and anyone else involved.

Starting off, here is my explanation of the current situation and what has lead up to it between me and Lia.

The situation started developing sometime mid February, when she unfriended me for something I had said about her. The day after, I sent her a youtube message saying I was sorry for what happened, because I was. Lia and I had been on good terms for such a long time, and seeing our friendship end like that was not something I wanted to happen.

Hey lia, sorry for yesterday. Sorry for going too far and hurting you like that. It was stupid and I should've known better.

I appreciate that you've always been a kind friend to me, and I hope we can put this behind us.

I'll seeya soon.


I'm not even sure if Lia received the youtube message, but I began to notice a change in the way that she treated me. I barely said anything to her for a long time after. I felt since I was the one who made the rude comment, it was my job to befriend her once again because we were so close before. Whether or not she took note of my trying to make amends with her, she began making quick, snide remarks. Whether this was because she felt as if she were greater because of my apology, or she didn't mean it at all, this still occurred.

The most clear and simple example of this was sometime mid february when I asked on the mic, "what class should I play?' My response from lia was in chat as I can clearly remember "anything to cut yourself with." I was confused when reading it, especially since she was at the time an admin on trial. it seemed odd. I had never heard her say anything like that before, an I had no idea if she was just joking around, but the nature of the comment struck me nonetheless. I have no doubt chatlogs of that day will show the remark if available.

During March, I joined the csn highlander team as a spy sub. Around the 30th, I got called into a game to sub for Argent and we played the match. Overall, we did quite alright for the team we were playing against, but after the match in the mumble, I talked for a solid bit about stuff we could improve on. I didn't say it in a way that was threatening or rude, and it was just normal postgame breakdown stuff. I talked a bit about how we should have the demo play near lia more, lia giving mothership more buffs so he could dominate sniper v sniper, and just overall pushing stuff. None of this was said specifically at one person.

I think it's agreeable from the people there in the mumble the information given was useful and applicable. I never said anything about my situation with her in the mumble as well.

However from normal highlander criticism, I found I was off her friends list again, which was quite puzzling.

Shortly before the ban, she readded me and we had a heart to heart and sorted things out. It just felt really great for things to finally move on.
You can view the conversation here -
( sorry i had to cut some parts out and i had to type it from my phone but its the same essentially)

This leads to the current situation. It was on friday I believe, when we were playing dustbowl offense. I asked for an uber to take out a sentry gun, and lia, a medic with uber said "what If I don't want to uber you?". In a jokingly serious tone I replied "You're going to uber me whether you like it or not!".

I think it is agreeable that this comment was not offensive in nature, nor sexual, nor meant to harm or insult in any way. Unlike back in february, It was just normal server banter. If I this had been said this to anyone besides her, this wouldn't have been taken as "sexual harassment" - because it wasn't.

When I received the message I had been banned, I was genuinely shocked, and felt as if there had been some kind of mistake.

I would like to mention the evidence presented for the ban was, aside from krieg's comment, lia's word. There was no demo or stv coming from this or material evidence to back it up. I understand krieger is a senior admin, but he was not present when the second comment was supposedly made. His conjectures were not of the supposed harassment as he was not present.

After the dustbowl game, we played badwater. I cannot recall, but someone brought up religion, which lead to lia mentioning her studies and career path in theology, also pointing out that she was agnostic. As you can probably guess, this caused a large server conversation. I said a few things, but I generally stayed out of it.

It is worth mentioning that during this, a community member said something along the lines of, "not meaning to be rude or anything, but where exactly would you find employment for a major in theology?". I said after that, "you're an agnostic right?". I can't remember lia saying anything over voice chat for the rest of that map. Coincidentally afterwards, she left halfway through.

Now I am not saying this is the reason behind everything, but I thought it would be with mentioning afterwards.

It was agreed between us in our steam conversation that if anyone of us said anything that bothered the other, we would inform eachother of it. After this, I received no message or indication until saturday evening when I tried to log on.

Back to the previous, if Lia found it or the comment offensive, there was no mute or slap or verbal response of any kind that I had done something that she didn't like. You could argue that the past steam messages constituted as such, but it is general practice to give some sort of mute or warning serverside, and if this was felt too personally not to be serverside, I thought I would hear something from her in messages.

That's all I have to say. If you need me to clarify something or talk to me one on one, I would be open to that too.

Thanks for reading, and I hope me and everyone involved can put this behind us.

Later all.
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Re: Unban Request

by Poppet » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:55 pm

Ban was a 6/0 or 5/0 vote in favor of banning you for a week. It was given on on the 9th and should end on the 16th around 4-5 p.m central (forum time) 5-6 p.m eastern.

Less than 4 days currently. You don't have to drop your "4chan shitposting attitude" just don't bring it to the server and the people who play on it. Please use this time to work it out or there won't be a next time.

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Re: Unban Request

by Lia_Rein » Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:13 am

Kaiuu much of that is quite inaccurate.

The most important thing I would like to correct is that you did not say 'uber me or else.' And I never said to you 'what if I don't want to uber you.' I didn't speak to you at all until you made a sexual comment. You told me to uber you so that you could 'sexually pleasure me.' When I said that I didn't like that comment and it wasn't something that makes me want to uber you, you said 'You're going to uber me or else. It's about to get raunchy in here.' I had mentioned to you a number of times that I did not like those kind of comments which you first made in February (quite frequently at that time which led to my removing you after you ignored my request to not make those comments) I muted you after you made this comment [server side] but it was the end of dustbowl and so you had voice again on borneo which followed. I left in set-up time of borneo as I was not comfortable on the server, but also it was late.

When I was asked about jobs in theology [on a different day entirely] I said 'you can be a researcher, professor, chaplain for schools, prisons, hospitals, a retreat worker" and some other things. That is not a question which offends me lol and I played for a bit after that. Balu, Rustin, Ron were on I remember and (depending how good their memory is from a friday night lol) I'm sure they can verify I wasn't mad. Ron and I requested that we stop talking about religion after Balu and Rustin had talked about it for a number of maps. I'm not even sure why this is brought up here. I personally didn't find any issue with this situation :S You said you thought I was catholic when I mentioned agnosticism, which is understandable as I previously said I had a catholic background before. I did not start a conversation in religion and I wasn't interested in carrying one out but I was not offended by any questions or comments made to me personally regarding religion. [I did want the server not to talk about it as people were getting somewhat intense, I think Ron would agree.] I didn't even leave during the badwater map when we had that discussion but played at least upward after.

I can say that I didn't see your youtube message and I'm sorry that I didn't. [In fact I tried looking for it just now and can't find it anywhere...?]

I apologised and I'm still sorry for any remarks I made to you out of annoyance, the two that I can think of were admittedly Kaiuu asking 'which knife should I play with' and I jokingly responded 'a self-cutting one' which is inappropriate. When Kaiuu responded to that I told him it was meant as a joke but I admit it is still an inappropriate joke. The only other comment I can think of was when Kaiuu said that he was younger than Jack and I said that wasn't very surprising.

Here is a copy/paste of the conversation Kaiuu and I had, which kaiuu says he only partly has, -he is missing a significant amount of the end of our conversation and has altered some of his own words but not any of mine- [before the comments he made which led to me contacting other admins.]

Changes in the conversation that you made don't really indicate that you are a trustworthy or reliable witness to things.
Eg. Your version:
I would prefer we get on over other solutions?
Ku - Other solutions?
I would say I’m pretty good at mud wrestling

My copy and paste:
23:19 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I would prefer we get on over other solutions
23:25 - ku is now Online.
23:25 - ku: Other solutions?
23:25 - ku: Are you saying you want to mud wrestle me

It feels like you've altered things so that they come across more tame/less personal. Most sentences in your account are word for word with my direct copy paste, aside from comments made by you which could be viewed in a negative light. These have been altered. And in my opinion you've done this drastically also in your account of what happened on dustbowl.

Kaiuu and I had one conversation post his week ban which is here: (where he also claims he only said an innocent 'uber me or else' but which is not the case)

I really did genuinely try to talk to you about this a number of times Kaiuu and I'm disappointed it couldn't work out just through talking.
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Re: Unban Request

by Balubish » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:04 am

Yes, me and Rustin was the one causing some religion talk on badwater, thats about it I remember of that night at all. Also me almost drank a whole bottle of rum and Rustin Everclear 95%.

What was said the whole friday, i have no fucking clue of exactly. All I know Lia had sent me messages on steam that I saw on saturday that we should tone down religous talk.
I dont remember any greifing but at that state I couldnt care if a bomb exploded outside my house.
Next time say "Shut the fuck up Balu" or just mute me. I can go on for hours about it ;)

And for this matter Kaiuu I know this have been going on for several months and told Lia to mute you as I did for a month or so, but she didnt for that long.
It worked for me, problem was you jumped on Lia instead I guess. So as Poppet said.

"You don't have to drop your "4chan shitposting attitude" just don't bring it to the server and the people who play on it."

Kaiuu the meaning is everyone need to feel comfortable and have fun in the server, if Lia says those weird comments you make her uncomfortable in the server you should listen and respect that.
And not just because shes an admin, that means for everyone. We all have equal rights. So if I offended someone I would listen if they tell me they didnt like it.

And hopefully this friday I didnt piss someone off, I can be careless when it comes to religions.

Ban stands until auto-release :!: And hopefully you now understand the problem. And if you want weird shit I recommend furrypound.


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Re: Unban Request

by 1#Scrub » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:21 am

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Re: Unban Request

by TH3_SHAD0W_SAMUR4I » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:07 pm

1#Scrub wrote:Image

I know Scrub, I know. The negativity is killing me. :(
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Re: Unban Request

by Rumors » Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:12 pm


I come on CSn to have a good time, play with others that are also pretty good and have some "witty" banter. If that banter gets to the point where it makes someone uncomfortable, then myself in general is not having a good time as well. Change the topic, move on. Easy.
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Re: Unban Request

by Ron Swansons Stache » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:37 pm

I do recall the religious talk, and frankly it didn't offend me but it was definitely going down a weird path and is a topic that is best just being left alone once things start getting a little more..."serious".

I don't recall anything else (or even think I was around for the other shenanigans). I would suggest to people to tone down the 'trolling' to an extent and stop trying to push lines unless you're willing to deal with consequences that come of it, like a partial ban.
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