My friend got me banned on a server

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My friend got me banned on a server

by Br0n5t3r » Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:07 pm

Me and my buddy were hanging out, he asked me to play tf2. So I said "sure why not" so I let him play on my favorite server but my mom had wanted me to help her unload the groceries so I did, and while I was doing that my friend was playing around on the server, when I came back downstairs I saw it say that you have been banned from this server. So I started to freak out and asked him what he did and he replied with "i was trolling them" so i went into the command box and scrolled up to see that he had been "trolling" by saying f*ggot and saying it was a smoke in england, please consider unbanning me for what my friend did,

sincerely- Tanner

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Re: My friend got me banned on a server

by Nikki Wolf » Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:17 am

Hi, I'm the person that issued the ban, after receiving a complaint from a regular member of the servers. Looking at the date of the ban, I guess I can lift it, but knowing that I don't have proof about whoever did it, I don't want to see any inappropriate language on the servers, regardless of whether it's you or your friend. Tell your friend to watch his language, if he decides to play on your account again.
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