Banned? Thinking about posting? Read First!

Request a ban or contest a ban here.

Banned? Thinking about posting? Read First!

by Failhorse » Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:49 pm

* No rules have changed. Just combining different topics on the matter *
Were you banned? Find out who and why here:

Benny Hill says
Your presence on our servers is a privilege, and not a right. Our carefully picked admins are given the ability to ban any players they deem guilty of breaking our simple rules. However, you do have the right to request an unban here at the Bans forum. Because of their rarity, unban requests are handled on an individual basis. We will try to treat you with respect. Please understand that it's perfectly possible your ban was a mistake.

  • Post a new thread in this section stating your name, your steamid, and why you think you deserve an unban.
  • If proof is provided by an admin which clearly shows reason for you to be banned, you do not have a case to be unbanned immediately.
  • Leaders make the final decision regarding an unban once the evidence has been presented and a discussion has taken place on the thread.
  • Do not bother to contact leaders to get an unban--they will redirect you to this forum. The leaders have no way to tell you're innocent just because of your claims.
  • Be polite when contesting a ban--if you come off as a jerk, you're much less likely to be unbanned.
Permanent bans are supposed to be made as a result of a careful decision and/or set of warnings. We only ban people because we feel they are causing a problem on our servers. Understand that if you have broken the rules multiple times after receiving a set of warnings you are no longer welcome on our servers. Our servers' admin presence is the main reason our servers are so pleasant for everyone. Thanks for your understanding.


If you are not the person contesting a ban, the banning admin, specifically mentioned (for admins,) or a red admin. Do not post replies to anything posted here. This is not a section for discussion, just facts. Admin can create their own private thread, while regular players need to mind their own business. You do not help the process by word vomiting here. So don't.
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