Critsandvich Video Procedures

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Critsandvich Video Procedures

by Failhorse » Sun May 08, 2011 10:45 am

This section of the forum has been created so you can share your best work.

1) Don't post spam here. Only TF2 videos. (Though you can reply as normal.)
2) Don't post replies that include videos. Only the author of the thread should link a video. Otherwise your hard work could be buried.
3) Only 1 video per thread. Yes we're asking you to spam. That way someone can click the thread, look and move onto the next.
4) Try to briefly describe the video in the title. (of the thread not video.)
Simple EH? (Godmin's thread is the exception.)

How to link the video in forum
Code: Select all
This is a youtube URL
Take D5Po4rkRh7w
put [youtube=D5Po4rkRh7w][/youtube]
Get it?

I'd highly suggest adding to the title of your videos. This will help community members find your videos.
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