[Gold] Server Rules [Update 30/09/11]

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[Gold] Server Rules [Update 30/09/11]

by mrProtagonist » Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:13 pm

Harassment of other players - Calling out a bad offer or trade is fine, let them know but do not be extremely aggressive. Harassing or "bullying" someone because of their voice will not be tolerated.

Playing Music - Trading takes priority over music. If one person asks you to stop, do so. Not doing so will result in a mute and if continued a kick or perma-mute for the remainder of your stay.

Mic Spamming - Don't. Repeated clips played is very annoying. The player doing so will be muted briefly and told to stop not doing so will result in a kick or lengthy mute.

Scamming - NO TOLERANCE POLICY. If you are caught scamming a permanent ban will occur with no chance to appeal.

Double Posting Trade Offers - Everyone has to share the space. So kindly do not "copy paste" your trades over and over. Allow your previous post to move off the screen before posting again.

Trades over 8 items - With the new trading system out this is entirely at the traders risk. You may, however, advertise for one on our server.

Trading for money - This is not allowed on our server. Plain and simple.

Trading for Steam games - As with "Trades over 8 items" you may advertise this on our server.

Asking for donations/begging - This is not allowed on our server.

Respect for Admins - When a server admin tells you not to do something, don't do it. There are rules set into place for a reason. Disrespect towards admins will result in a kick or ban.

Trolling - Not allowed. There's joking around and having fun, but then there's being a nuisance to the server. Trolling will result in a kick or a ban.

Discrimination - Whether it is race, sex, religion or any other form it will not be tolerated and will result in an instant kick, and ban upon second offense. No exception.

Middlemanning - If present, an admin needs to be the middleman if a middleman is needed.
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