[Blue] Hobbes' Application For Admin

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[Blue] Hobbes' Application For Admin

by HobbesTF2 » Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:05 pm

Hobbes' Application for Blue admin -

1. I have been playing on CSn since February of this year.
2. I play TF2 very often. I will be on typically on Fridays or Saturdays or in the afternoons.
3. I have been an admin for other games, but not for Team Fortress 2.
4. I tend to be a team player, playing the objective and switching classes if necessary. I believe rules truly do make servers more enjoyable, I would be active in enforcing them.
5. I am very comfortable with helping populate servers. When I am able, I help the current admins populate CSn.
6. I am not currently over 18. However, I act maturely when needed, and I would take this position with responsibility.
7. I am applying for Chicago Slaybox 1.
8-9. I have looked over the forums many times, but the posts were typically old and there were very few members posting. Although I haven't been an active member of the forums, I plan on being as active as I can in the near future.

I've really enjoyed my time on the server, and I will continue to play on it even if I get a resounding no. Thank you for your time. :)

Balubish has very kindly agreed to sponsor me.
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Re: [Blue] Hobbes' Application For Admin

by fingerman » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:13 pm

Trial Granted.
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