[Pink] Doc Galaxy's Re-Application

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[Pink] Doc Galaxy's Re-Application

by Doctor Galaxy » Mon May 18, 2015 9:34 pm

1) How long have you been with CSn? I joined back in October of 2013, so about a year and seven months.

2) When can we expect you to see you on our server? I’m pretty much online everyday in the evenings, and a lot in the mornings, so I don’t mind to come onto TF2 whenever.

3) What previous admin experience, if any, do you have? Used to admin a Facebook page with 5000 likes. Haven’t been on Facebook in about 2 years, but I checked a while ago and apparently one of the co-admins deleted it.

4) Any skills that benefit the community? I just wish for the best of the fun servers, and I hope they can grow. I’m trying to learn mapmaking right now in Source Hammer so that I can try to implement original maps into the servers as well. For the most part, I just want to moderate around and help out if so.

5) Are you okay with jumping into an empty server to help populate? Yes. I try to join in when a server is popping or I’ll go in a empty server with Zuul and we’ll hang out in there until we can get enough people in there for a party.

6) Are you over 18? Yes.

7) To which server are you applying for admin? The two pink servers.

8) Forum signup date(Minimum 30 days before applying)? Monday, April 7th, 2014. 11:59PM EST

9) Number of forum posts(Minimum 50 posts before applying)? This would be my 51st. yee

10) Sponsor: Haus agreed to sponsor me and help me learn.

Also on a side note, I’m reapplying on part of a couple reasons.
1) I do care deeply about the servers and how well they are. It’s sad seeing how dead they can get and the fact that it just feels like the life was sucked out of them, and I feel that I can do so much more to help it not be that way if I was allowed admin abilities.
2) I understood the reasoning as to why I was denied it before, and I have to say on my part that I feel that was inadequate, as it was a bad time for me to register due to Highlander tension and the fact that people saw a side of me which was like, rare. But even if I get angry, I wouldn’t use the power of an admin to abuse someone who is under me. I’ve always thought about a fair rule principle when playing games; if I don’t wanted to be treated one way, I know someone doesn’t want to be treated that way as well. I spoke to Fluff about it, and she tells me that she was mainly concerned on my part for my health, however I reassured her have had all my medical fears brought to rest during the holiday season (was an issue with my back, not my blood pressure), and I’m more than capable of handling it. That being said, I'm willing to work with others in order to help out the server.
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Re: [Pink] Doc Galaxy's Re-Application

by HausOfJoel » Tue May 19, 2015 12:18 am

confirming sponsorship
good guy, looking forward to see what he does for the servers

going to keep using this color font now #lilac
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Re: [Pink] Doc Galaxy's Re-Application

by Zuul » Tue May 19, 2015 1:42 pm

Has a large collection of rare pepes. Will make a perfect admin.
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Re: [Pink] Doc Galaxy's Re-Application

by fingerman » Mon May 25, 2015 6:46 pm

Trial started
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