Hodgepodge's Pinkmin Application

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Hodgepodge's Pinkmin Application

by Hodgepodge » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:28 pm

How long have you been with CSn? Oh bother, lets see... I know that I was around before Pacifist maps were added (Those were the worst.), so thats like what, 2 years? Year and a half?

When can we expect to see you on our servers? I'm on pretty often. Usually around when there are no admins if that's something.

What previous admin experience, if any, do you have? I don't recall anything of the sort.

Any skills that can benefit the community? I can be very pessimistic, and shockingly enough some people like me.

Are you okay with jumping in an empty server to help populate? I am and I do now.

Are you over 18? Yep.

To which server are you applying for admin? Lovenest/Fun Haus

Forum sign up date? (Min 30 days before you can apply.) June 30, 2013. Better late than never.

Number of forum posts? (Min 50 posts before you can apply.) 13, though I've been told this one doesn't quite matter.

Quick Edit: Haus is sponsoring me.
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Re: Hodgepodge's Pinkmin Application

by fingerman » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:27 pm

Application accepted, check your pm.
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