Pink (Fun) Admin Rules (last updated 6/21/11)

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Pink (Fun) Admin Rules (last updated 6/21/11)

by NuclearWatermelon » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:06 pm

Rules for Pink admins in the Fun/Mods server.

  • Mic Spam - None at all. Playing music is fine as long as the admin says its ok and they are taking turns playing. If you warn someone and they do not stop then mute them. If they continue to mic spam on the next map use the extended mute.
  • Trading - Stays in the trading server. Warn them and inform them of the trade server, then kick if they do not stop, if they join and then continue then ban for as long as you see fit.
  • Griefing - Griefing,in Fortwars especially, is not tolerated at all. The structure is the same warn, kick, ban; but for longer periods of time as you see fit.
  • Harassment - if it is 'light humor' as in telling NINJA to get into the kitchen that is fine but anything past that like being rude to someone that is younger just to make them mad will not be allowed and will result in a kick/ban
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