Blue (Normal Servers) Admin Rules (Last update 10/8/11)

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Blue (Normal Servers) Admin Rules (Last update 10/8/11)

by NuclearWatermelon » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:06 pm

Rules by which all Blue admins are to abide by on their servers.

  • Understand part of your job is to help populate the servers.
  • Never assign a permanent ban without consulting an established admin.
  • Be prepared to change teams or classes to help balance things out if things are too one-sided and the auto-scrambler fails to kick in.
  • If a player is being a nuisance warn first, then kick if they do not stop.
  • The first admin in a server is the boss.
  • If you see someone spamming the chat with trade requests, inform them of the trade server and warn them to stop spamming.
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