General Admin Rules

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General Admin Rules

by NuclearWatermelon » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:06 pm

General Admin rules by which all Critsandvich admins are to abide by.

  • Act in a manner that promotes CritSandvich (if you don't like us, don't admin for us!)
  • If a player is using an obvious hack (aimbot, speedhacking), an instant ban is in order. Zero tolerance for hacks.
  • If a player is constantly offending someone else, griefing the server with offensive or rage-inducing comments, they deserve a kick. Multiple offenses that are disrupting the environment are not okay.
  • Excessively pornographic sprays should be removed with the !removespray command and the player should be warned. Repeat offenders should get kicked.
  • If a player is kicked for any offense, treat it as a warning. After 2 kicks, if the player is still causing problems, they deserve a ban.
  • Log any bans due to kicking in the forums (no need to log aimbots or speedhackers). These bans may be contested by the person if they want to get unbanned.
  • Join the team you feel is the most in need of your teamwork. If one team looks like it's guaranteed to win, join the other team.
  • Politely and not excessively advertising the website and forums
  • Ask for feedback--ask people what they like and don't like about the server. Report anything to the forums so that we can resolve any problems or issues with our config.
  • Read the admin forums and be sure to voice your opinion. We don't need a bunch of Chief Bromden's.
  • Promise to look at links in your chat box. If it ends in tk or ru or is misspelled. You will promise not to click it.
  • You will have to prove you set up you personal e-mail address in the steam option. So in the event you are hacked, you will not have to wait for Valve to fix it for you.
  • Part of your job is to populate the servers. You can't admin an empty one. We don't use cheats to get them going. Watch/Post in our Elite Steam Community. Your mentor will help you through this.
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