sv_pure suggestion

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sv_pure suggestion

by noltron » Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:07 pm

Hey, I love your TF2 servers. And I mod alot. I have over 100 mods in my tf2, ranging from chaofanatic's particle packs, to some weapon reskins, to tf2tip enhanced models, to some lightwarp shaders, to a colour enhancer and rebalancer. I am also working on my own mod as well, see

Now let me get to the point haha, recently a few of my mods have been acting... fuzzy on your servers. I believe it has to do with valve's recent updates with sv_pure. However, due to the fact you fully allowed all of my mods before these updates, I was wondering if you could change your sv_pure, if this is the cause of these malfunctions (and to my suspicion it is).

I know for a fact that explosions are being blocked, and I believe weapon reskins and custom first person animations are as well.

If you enforce sv_pure now to prevent cheaters, than I respect your decision... however if this is the case then you may want to set sv_pure to 2 (fully blocked). If this is not the case, I hope you consider allowing custom explosions, first person animations, and weapon skins, either by editing your pure blacklist, or by changing sv_pure to -1.

Once again I respect your decision one way or the other, however I (and I know several other avid modders) will only play on servers that allows these mods. Hopefully you will be one of them :D
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Re: sv_pure suggestion

by fingerman » Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:36 am

We will consider it, thanks for the suggestion.
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