Freeze Tag Fun Server 2

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Freeze Tag Fun Server 2

by megamoose » Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:45 pm

1. Date and Time: 7/26/13 @ 10:23 pm
2. Which Server it occurred on: Fun Server 2
3. Requirement not met: Sometimes when players are unfrozen from people getting in their circles, they can only use their melee weapons and not any of their other weapons.
4. Immediate actions taken: None, I don't think I could have, I just got the server to rtv for another map.
5. Suggested action description: Reboot the plugin or update it??? (Honestly no idea)
6. Method of discovery: We were playing freeze tag and many players and I discovered once we were un-frozen, we could only utilize our melee weapons. Sometimes after we were unfrozen in the same round (2/3 times), we somehow got our normal weapons back. Always at the beginning of the next round did we all have our normal weapons.

This problem confuses me...
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