Conduct of Server Problem Posts

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Conduct of Server Problem Posts

by fingerman » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:04 am

When posting a problem with a server please include the following information:

1. Date and Time: of original occurance
2. Which Server it occurred on: specify name of server or ip address if unsure (only CSN Servers)
3. Requirement not met: for instance "Plugin not working" or just describe the problem in detail.
4. Immediate actions taken: any actions that you personally took to remedy the situation (if your own) like restarting computer, validating your own tf2 gamefiles.
5. Suggested action description: an action you think would solve the problem.
6. Method of discovery: If condition is a once in a day occurrence or out of the ordinary, what lead you to find this condition in the first place.

This information will help me correct conditions adverse to quality game play and will lead to unresolved issues being corrected in a timely fashion.
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