some bugs in hlstatsx

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some bugs in hlstatsx

by nicewithit » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:11 pm

i've been trying to get all the daily awards ( I can and there are some bugs that i've noticed including:

cart escort - no daily award for this but it shows up as a possibility and is recorded by hlstats
any weapon starting with the cow mangler update or after
mini sentry guns destroyed - for some reason it is VERY finicky on when it counts a destroyed minisentry gun... in fact in the hundreds of them that I've destroyed, i've only gotten 1 count. furthermore minisentry kills are bugged on eastcoast boxes
sentry gun award - doesn't exist, ends up falling under total sentry kills... not exactly sure how this was programmed

anyways... any chance we can get an hlstatsx update?
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