Terrible Connection to the Webserver

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Terrible Connection to the Webserver

by Repoman » Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:21 am

I have a super terrible connection to the directory on this website for all the hosted maps and custom content, and this occurs in TF2 as well making it so I cant even download anything. I looked at my download speed from my browser by going directly to critsandvich.com/tf and the DL rate is in bytes...
For some odd reason, this is the only website doing this for me, as every other server or site downloads magically fine.

This was at first just a problem with the trade server, but now its everything on the site DL area.
Ive looked at my ports, and connections, and everything is fine.
Ive even looked at Appache webserver conflicts or problems, and nothing is fixing the problem.

Im completely confused at this point.
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