Star Citizen - Starfarer and how big multicrew ship works.

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Star Citizen - Starfarer and how big multicrew ship works.

by Balubish » Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:03 am

So this is a overview on Starfarer, well one of them. Kinda shows what to expect ingame with bigger ships and different areas of work you can do.
So for example you can have 7+ ppl working on this ship, fuel mechanic, system mechanic = fix the sheilds, coolers and other components that might break, 3 turrets, pilot and so on.

This is the tanker version of this world and will be from start the main refueling ship in the game. You have a large cargo bay, and massive amounts of fuel. You will collect fuel from big gas giants, kinda like our own jupiter and refine that gas in the inbuilt refinery. You will with this ship be able to sell fuel and collect ur own jump fuel. You might even have some ship on your journey wherever ur going that need jump fuel in need that you can sell to while in space. The ship is cabable of landing on planets, but technicly doesnt need to cause of the self sustain fuel.

When it start to come up to this size its acually easy to get a bit lost when its like a small game map inside ur own ship.
This puppy is 100meters long and the biggest capital ship is around 345meters so far, biggest space station they have yet told us is over 1.6km long I think if I recall right numbers on that.

As said this is mainly for fueling but there are even bigger ships cooming for mining, salvage or capital ships even trader ships will be bigger. Its insane really.
I've looked at EvE online and Elite dangerous etc and seen some massive ships. Difference is this is FPS based so when you leave ur seat you actually have to run down the stairs etc.

And the longest ship so far is the massive trader Hull-E with its 372meter. Its like driving around in frikkin building.

Starfarer a neat fucking ship that is one of my dreamships and both I and Penndragoon has as a goal to get one both for own benefits but also for the CSn org. We will be able to collect fuel and sell it cheaper inside the org wich is perfect for everyone.

Hope you enjoy the journey around one of the bigger ships ingame to come. :)



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