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Arming a Splatoon thread

by UncleTestes » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:08 pm

I'm surprised no one's done this yet. Let's discuss the latest humanoid squid simulation.

I picked up Splatoon on release day along with a hat the lady gave me, and so far I have no regrets. The game is great fun for it's light weight. People that came straight out of the Battlefield, CoD, Halo, etc. communities came out bitching about 4v4 and no voice chat but when you start playing you realize why. If the maps were 10v10 it'd be hell. The voice chat I've been neutral on but it wouldn't have been that bad. Controller support also ticks me off, player 1 always has to use the gamepad which has a 3 hour battery life, but the motion controls are nice. Better matchmaking would be nice. But otherwise it's a great game. Decent range of weaponry and clothing. Most fun and original final boss I swear by it, if you don't agree I will mail you a piece of paper that says nothing but "I hope you sneeze ink out of your ass."

If you like memes, prepare for Squidward references, people trying to tell the difference between kids and squids, and getting steamrolled by paint rollers.

Yes this game is for children (unless you count the people that use "Inking" synonymously with another word). I recognize that and I have no regrets.

Have any of you picked it up yet? If so what do you think? If any of you bought an amiibo, are the bonus challenges worth it?
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