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by Plasma Waffle » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:06 am

Yes, holy effin abbreviations. I thought it would be sweet to have a Crit Sandvich Network Counter-Strike Source Gun Game Death Match Server.
I've been playing gun game a lot lately, and I would administer/fund this server if it happened. These servers are rarely empty, especially if there's a good map selection, and I have a solid 80 gun game maps.

For those that don't know, gun game works like this: you start with a pistol, then every kill you get gets you a new better gun until you've gone through a large selection of guns to finish with a knife kill. First person to go through every weapon wins.
Death match of course means instant respawn as a gun game without death match takes ages, because you only have 1 life/1 round in CS
Also, I'd like to modify it to use every gun in the game instead of a limited 20 weapons =)

Anyways admins let me know if we can make this happen!

Also: I have a skin that changes the knife to a banana, I think this would be very popular. It is so fun to banana people, seriously.
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