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by Repoman » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:25 pm


It looks pretty good, however the premise of the storyline is sort of a huge turn off for me.
I honestly dont care if some super weapon was made, or time was messed with. North Korea invading and occupying America is complete bullshit.
I can understand china, russia, or heck even some large middle eastern country invading us in a future setting, but North Korea? Lolz?

Considering the continuing deterioration of North Korea, I really dont think they could ever do much in the future.
I really hope the gameplay, and storyline will do well to explain this nonsense.

Oh and I found this hilarious quote from some discussions that made me laugh.

"I dont think I could play a game where the US actually got invaded by any world power, unless they were aided by like Satan or aliens, because its too ridiculous."
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