Spring 2017 Contest Winners

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Spring 2017 Contest Winners

by fingerman » Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:04 am

Unusual Scotch Bonnet (Scorching Flames) STEAM_0:1:89155813
Unusual Private Eye (Flaming Lantern) STEAM_0:0:88466602
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian (Misty Skull) STEAM_0:1:60088011
Towering Pillar of Hats (Circling Heart) STEAM_0:1:95651934
Prussian Pickelhaube STEAM_0:0:63718705
The Black Watch STEAM_0:1:41737975
The Grizzled Growth STEAM_0:1:91830215
The Itsy Bitsy Spyer STEAM_0:1:26018111
The Byte'd Beak STEAM_0:0:61107186
Lord Cockswains Pith Helmet STEAM_0:0:42188935
The Quadwrangler STEAM_0:1:26390404
Medi Mask STEAM_0:1:26281501
Googly Gazer STEAM_0:1:41777104
The Bearded Mombardier STEAM_0:1:57114034
Double Dog Dare Demo Pants STEAM_0:0:122923572
Pyromancer's Hood STEAM_0:0:88400844
Condor Cap STEAM_0:1:5196337
North Polar Fleece STEAM_0:1:40277825
Flashdance Footies STEAM_0:0:108471407
Coldfront Curbstompers STEAM_0:1:40988884
Sleeveless in Siberia STEAM_0:1:59064955
Insulated Inventor STEAM_0:1:215971469
The Surgeon's Sidearms STEAM_0:1:104501603
Strange Snowwing STEAM_0:1:9059440
Brain-Warming Wear STEAM_0:1:127610615
Sweet Smissmas Sweater STEAM_0:0:16117005
Handy Canes STEAM_0:1:124178191
The Marxman STEAM_0:1:89977086
Reader's Choice STEAM_0:0:17464264
Strange Dark Falkirk Helm STEAM_0:0:32906900
Sweet Smissmas Sweater STEAM_0:1:69704265
Flashdance Footies STEAM_0:1:107047690
Colossal Cranium STEAM_0:1:85932589
Support Spurs STEAM_0:1:1739594
Strange Swagman's Swatter STEAM_0:1:23518205
Safe'n'Sound STEAM_0:1:53402126
The Whiskey Bib STEAM_0:0:37031705
Buckaroos Hat STEAM_0:0:15026252
The Half-Pipe Hurdler STEAM_0:1:44607162
The Flapjack STEAM_0:1:55924740
The Ruffled Ruprecht STEAM_0:0:43928703
Elf Esteem STEAM_0:1:173842111

Add me on steam to pick up your prize: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960268216

I will only trade to the account listed for that steamid. If I am not online, just send me a message and I will get back with you or send you an offline trade if you are not online. I will give you guys a few weeks to pick up the prizes. Remaining prizes will be used in the next contest coming soon! Stats will NOT be reset for the next contest, so keep playing.

Here is a list of the current names for the steamids:

Code: Select all



|CSn| Lia_Rein|


|Csn| Happ|



|DEATHCHAMP #nomonitor|



|Boa Constructor|




|George Harrison|




|UNIT 220|

|The Noble Lavender|



|CSn| Der Krieger105|

|[SIR] Adrian|


|❤ stephanie ❤|


|random crits r fare ;)|


|Katdeen Everniss blw.tf|





|Larry Barry Terry|

|Word To Your Mothership|

|-=BOOMgandalf=- {BZG}|

|Call Me Fishmael|



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Re: Spring 2017 Contest Winners

by Balubish » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:35 am

Congrats you fu*** :mrgreen:


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Re: Spring 2017 Contest Winners

by Insipid » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:36 pm

Unusual Magnificent Mongolian (Misty Skull) STEAM_0:1:60088011

OH Snap! Been on vacation, just got back to find this! 8-)
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