Highlander Basics: The Guide Pt.1, Classes

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Highlander Basics: The Guide Pt.1, Classes

by Bubby » Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:17 pm

Highlander – The Basics – Classes

“There can only be one (of each class)!”

In highlander, teams of 9 are pitted against each other to win a series of rounds (best of 3 in Payload and A/D, best of 5 in KOTH and 5CP) to win a match. Only one of each class can be active at one time, no duplicates. Each class obviously has their strengths and weaknesses, and this guide will give you a general idea of each class' role in normal game situations.

Obviously these roles, mentalities, and positions can change in a given game mode (for instance pyro, and scout can perform many different utility roles) but the following part of this guide should give you a good idea of the basic meta game for 9v9 play.

Each class is designated in this guide into three main 'positions':
Float – Floats away from main cluster, attacks aggressively when needed. Big Picks.
Support – Utility roles, protects and aid main cluster/pocket(s). Mild harassment.
Core – Stays with/near medic cluster, pushes with uber/kritz, main damage dealers.

Medic – Support

“Anyvay, Zat's how I lost my medical license.”

Objectives: DO NOT DIE, keep your heavy and demo healed as much as possible, overheal others as much as possible. Pushes and retreats should called by the medic. They should have the ultimate say, on whether a push will occur.

Medic is pretty self-explanatory, the ultimate support, the healer. One piece of advice is to consistantly be looking behind you when moving (I use a higher DPI/Senitivity when medic in a match). Also, you must keep your back to a wall as much as possible, making less predictable movement. Take advantage of the healing beam bending around corners so you stay out of line of sight (“LoS”) from snipers, and spies.

Take note of where each health pack is on the map, so you know how, and where to escape.

Demoman – Core


Objectives: Stay with medic, damage output, zoning with spam/stickies, build uber-charge, good rollouts.

Demoman will be your team's main carry, and should have the most kills, along with a very high Damage Output. Medics should use any Kritz charge on demo first, along with usually getting a split if not all of a normal uber charge. You push with the team, take down the sentries immediately.

Heavy – Core

“Don't run, it's only ham!”

Objectives: Stay with medic, damage output, pusher, tank damage for medic/cluster.

Heavy Weapons Guy should also have the highest damage output and kill count in a match. Devastating at close range, on a push the heavy can split slightly from the combo cluster, and flank any people running. Take advantage of the high DPS, a good Heavy player will have good game sense, and help set up a good push, Focusing, namely, an enemy Pyro pushing back with airblast. On offense, or defense, any heath below 400 is unacceptable to have, always stay overhealed.

Would also suggest 9/10 times running The Sandvich to help heal your medic in a pinch, or if flanking with the cluster.

Sniper – Float/Support


Objectives: Call out where enemy combo is. Immedately, call out if spy is seen or you are killed by spy. Get picks.

Be attentive to the surrounding, the spy will be going for you just as much as with the medic. Razorback is sometimes a good option is the enemy scout is weak. Make sure to pick the medic off as much as possible, along with enemy snipers and heavy. Those should be you main focuses.

Scout – Float

“Let's go, let's go, let's go!”

Objectives: Harass, harass, harass. Call out positions of medic cluster. Cap points, and push cart as MUCH as possible.

You main thoughts should be “Harass from afar, and cap.” Your low health and low distance dps make you and easy meal for most of the core classes. You should engage from a flank during a push, unless you see somebody out of position, or medic instructs you otherwise. Make CLEAR and CONCISE comms with your medic to relay positions of the enemy team.

On PL and A/D maps, the scout should kill themselves to give the engie metal for quicker builds.

Soldier – Float/Semi-Core


Objectives: Stay overhealed, jump on medic out of position to pick or force ubercharges. Help medic build ubercharge.

Soldier has fantastic mobility that makes him a great candidate to go for swift medic picks. A more conservative team strategy will call for the soldier to be part of the core cluster. Either way, keep using the mobility to your advantage. Depending on the situation, gunboats may be a viable option.

Sometimes you can whip your teammates to rollout the entire team faster on 5cp and KOTH, but that is also dependent on conservative/aggressive team strategies.

Engineer – Support

“How'd that plan turn out for ya, dummy?”

Objectives: Keep teleporters alive, good gun placement, wrangle guns when needed. Understand metal placement on map.

Engineer needs to spend a lot of time experimenting with sentry placement, and have an excellent understanding of the map. Engineer is also the other main source of healing so it is imperative that the dispenser is in an excellent spot for the team. As of last season, the Rescue Ranger is not banned, so that is an excellent option for engies. Harassment with mini-sentries is also a common strategy in 5CP and most offensive strategies.

Your DEFENSIVE rollout for AD and PL maps should focus on you building and picking up enough metal to get your Sentry at Level 3, along with your dispenser upgraded fully, then finally upgrade your teleporter. This should all be done in set-up time.

Spy – Float/Semi-Support

“Why don't we just give up, partner?”

Objectives: Focus on picks, keep in communication with medic, inform team of enemy's ubercharge status.

I cannot stress how important it is to know the enemy's charge status. A 10% advantage can make the difference between a round win and a loss. Work almost as a closer ranged scout, while the enemy is organized, and find your time to strike when they break!

Cloak & Dagger is an excellent choice, but the Dead Ringer or Invis Watch can also be very effective. This along with knife choice is preferential, dependent on play style. I would not recommend Kunai though, because of the low beginning HP. Your survival is just as important as your medic's, keeping the enemy team focused less on your teammates, and more about getting OHK'd by you!

Pyro – Support/All*

“Do you believe in magic?”

Objectives: Spycheck, reflect projectiles and push back enemy ubercharges, flank and roam if medic allows.

Normally, the pyro is just a protector of the medic, (and sometimes the engineer). Your focus should be on keeping your medic safe, and foiling any push from the enemy team. Spycheck as much as possible, but keep an eye on your ammo, you need to always have a reserve for airblasts. Degreaser, and flare gun/detonator are the common place loadout.

On occasion, especially the last season I played, I ran into a lot of roaming Pyros, using the Powerjack and/or Detonator, to try to flank or sabotage out of position players. This strategy is not as effective with the nerf to the Axtinguisher, however the Pyro's added mobility can't be discounted, making this class the ultimate utility class, just short of being a potential pocket.
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