Cryengine is back!

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Cryengine is back!

by Balubish » Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:53 pm

If you have played the awesome graphics of the Crysis series for example you know what im talking about. And do you like Dev software maybe this is for you.

CryEngine is back with version 5 with DX12 support and we probably have Chris Roberts "Star Citizen Dev" to thank for that. Having several of the CryEngine ppl working on Star Citizen have probably made them change their mindset I guess. Im super hyped cause I still think CryEngine have the best graphics engine and why games are using are so though on your hardware. Compared to Unreal Engine wich still looks good and all I still think CryEngine looks more real overall wich is one of my likings when it comes to a good game and graphics, mainly seeing how the games are evolving in that aspect.

I have probably played through both Crysis 1 and 3 between 5-10 times just thanks to the graphics and gameplay.

Meeting ppl that have details like this, ingame. :)

Running around in worlds that looks like this.

Meeting ppl ingame that look like this. :)

Btw if you like Elder Scrolls series Oblivion, Skryrim you should check out this above, Lichdom Battlemage.


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Re: Cryengine is back!

by Poppet » Wed Mar 16, 2016 3:03 am

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