Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare

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Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare

Postby Balubish » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:10 am

Hello Citizen of CSn. Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare are kinda like a more playful version of Team Fortress 2. I got a trial for 72hours so I thought I test it out some and put up a minimal review on it for you guys that havent played it either but might be interested in it.
It got miscs like in TF2 and Hats even :o but I dont think you can change weapons. What I could see on this first try it more looks like you can get apperance stuff for it also your character. I might be wrong on this point and if I am I will come back with furthur info. I got really confused in the begging thinking that characters with red name tags are enemies, fail. But I saw a couple of zombies dressed up as sunflower kinda like "The Spy" :) I thought that was pretty funny.

The view are kinda like Loadout. I think when its a TDM kinda game its really distracting too me watch the character animations and I think thats why I didnt enjoy playing Loadout very much. But that can be person to person feeling about it but its how I feel about it. The game is funny cause yeah, Plants vs Zombies :) Also the characters have special abilites that you can earn with lvl up. Not sure yet if its more than 3 or if you can switch them out if you collect many different. I will come back with info on that point when I have found out more.

And here is for you guys to make a ur own opinion kinda with my gameplay on it.



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