New AMD R9 280X Performance showdown.

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New AMD R9 280X Performance showdown.

Postby Balubish » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:23 am

Hi I wanna give you guys that are n3rds just like me when it comes to hardware and sheit! And I recently got my new kind of GPU the AMD R9 280X series "Gigabyte Version" and for you who are interested in stuff like this I have done a 2 part recording with FPS on the card mostly Benchmark on extreme settings or highest possible on eash program or game. The only games I benchmarked in was Crysis 3 and BF4 before it crashed lol but got the FPS on them.

I didn't care for testing TF2 on this showdown cause I did try it and had 250-299 fps o highest so didnt see the point for it :P Altough I might do I skyrim test on it and maybe Planetside 2.

Note: I did record it all with my phone if you guys wonder cause I wanna show the real FPS so I couldnt record at the same time cause it lower the fps alot.



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