Gold (Trade) Admin Rules (Last update 6/21/11)

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Gold (Trade) Admin Rules (Last update 6/21/11)

Postby NuclearWatermelon » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:06 pm

Rules for Gold admins on the trade server.

  • Harassment of other players over their voice or their trade offers: It is completely fine to call somebody out on their horrid offers or question their age in playing a rated-M game but anything past that is harassment and becomes unnecessary.
  • Playing Music - Playing music on the server isn't bad since it creates something of interest on the server but there needs to be a balance between music and playing. Even though the music may not be loud and would allow you to talk and trade, it becomes inconvenient and i have noticed that nobody talks when music is played. As admin, please give everyone their turn if there is more than one person playing music and create breaks between music and trading.
  • Mic Spamming - There is a difference between Mic Spamming and Playing Music; one is to annoy the hell out of everyone else and one isn't. When someone is mic spamming you should mute them, give them a warning and then unmute. If they continue to spam kick, and if it continues you should ban then. The amount of the ban is up to you but because of the nature of the server mic spamming should be treated more harshly then if it wasn't a trade server.
  • Scamming - NO TOLERANCE POLICY: If someone scams and there is evidence then dish out a permanent ban immediately. Now, to find evidence, you may have to do some detective work (AKA: Asking about what happened, getting screen caps of the agreement, chat logs of what the person was given and what wasn't and such) and find out what happened. The best thing you can do about scamming is have a preventative mentality (AKA: Talking about the different types of scamming to the people on the server, getting people to publicly announce their trades on the server to create proof in case the person doesn't follow through with the trade) and make sure it doesn't happen.
  • Double Posting Trade Offers - Everyone has to share the space and it doesn't help when someone types the same thing over and over and over and over and over. It just becomes annoying. Now, this rule is if not the most subjective to your personal opinion when it comes to punishment but please use your own judgment when you see it.
  • Using Your Powers as Admin - Do not do anything to another player if they don't want it to be done (Slaying, Burning, Timebomb, Freezing). Consent is the difference between what is and isn't admin abuse.
  • Trades over 8 items - Are not allowed without a middleman. See to it that they get one, or offer to do it yourself as an admin.
  • Trading for games - Is not allowed. If people are discussing terms of a such a trade please inform both parties of the scam risk, and ask them to stop or leave the server.
  • Knowledge - Have a basic knowledge of what the different items and hats are worth. As admin, people will try to trade with you from time to time asking for the value of an item and as admin you should tell them (If they are only trading to ask about the value). Your personal trades have nothing to do with you being an admin, understand this.

And a specific subset or rules for Gold admins that may hold raffles:
  • Do not exceed eight entries. We do not want to confuse people with multiple trades to collect on a raffle. It is also cleaner this way.
  • Write down everyone who enters the raffle, and what they entered. At any time anyone has the right to be removed from the raffle.
  • After you are done holding raffles, post your written down list of contestants and who won: here
  • If someone leaves during a raffle without collecting, wait approximately 10 minutes for them to return, and attempt to contact them via Steam. Remove them from the raffle and note their absence in your log, also alert the Gold Admin leader (Gold Team Rules) to this and give him the items in question if they cannot be returned.
  • If the server crashes during a raffle, immediately contact a Red Admin and request they recall the raffle log showing who was in the raffle exactly. From there, follow the same procedure as absentees for any who do not return.
  • If you have to leave during a raffle find another admin to hand the items to in order for them to complete it, or return the items to their owners.
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