You cant say c*nt in the server?

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Re: You cant say c*nt in the server?

Postby Rumors » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:24 pm

wintermute wrote:
Ron Swansons Stache wrote:If the troll was being extra malicious I probably would’ve been more on your side, but that’s probably not proper admining.

He wasn't, I wasn't..they were quick jabs. Per your server rules Johnny was just doing his thing, I just feel the context in this situation means more than the banning of a word. I called him out and I was done, as this thread should be.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope everyone understands me a bit better

Don't worry about it, but remember the number one primary rule when playing on these servers, don't mess around with an admin, don't test them, and don't question their actions or their integrity. End of story. Harsh, but that's Critsandvich Law.

And its why I frequent CSn. The things we complain about, really aren't that bad. I'd take "saying a naughty word" over hearing "lol we have wallhax!" daily. Some servers are so prone to hacking because nothing is done about it, it gets bad.
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Re: You cant say c*nt in the server?

Postby DerKrieger105 » Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:42 pm

CSn's rules are relatively lax. We generally allow most language so long as it isn't overly offensive. Personally, I do not find that word offensive. My wife is British and i hear it almost every day. That being said, the rules are designed to create a fun and welcoming environment for all so naturally some speech will be limited.

We only have like four rules and they aren't that hard to follow. If you do not like them that is fine. You don't have to play here and IDC really if you leave. If you're that kind of person I don't want you here anyway. That is how I see it.
That last part wasn't aimed at you in particular Wintermute. Just saying. I know you're pretty chill. I'm glad you came to the forum to let us know about this.
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