An actually useful game-related app for iPhone

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An actually useful game-related app for iPhone

Postby VoltySquirrel » Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:44 pm

So, I was messing with my iPod and had the urge to search Steam in the App Store. I scrolled a bit, and I found a app called My Steam. Basically, it let's you do the bare bones of Steam related stuff. It let's you view you friends list, check steam news, what have you. Now, it doesn't do much, and the ability to chat on it would make it a definite get, but sadly you can't. What you can do, however is link game servers to it and view player lists, scores, and play time. I've actually starting using this while playing, where I checked the player list of the server I'm playing and others I'm not to look for people who have done nothing for 30 minutes. There's a free version and an adless version for I think a buck. Check it out.
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