By request: Stock + Custom Payload server

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Re: By request: Stock + Custom Payload server

Postby Rosey » Tue May 14, 2013 3:12 pm

today i learned a question is a source of abject negativity

Also the main problem with rtv is that the threshold is simply too high for it to work, at least on the slayboxes. I've only ever seen a rtv work once, and that was when it was full with regulars.
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Re: By request: Stock + Custom Payload server

Postby Balubish » Tue May 14, 2013 3:14 pm

Failhorse wrote: Server needs 18 people before custom maps will show on the nominate list, or in the voting.

Think u need to restart the server then cause I can nominate custom maps when I am the only one on the server.


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Re: By request: Stock + Custom Payload server

Postby Cash » Tue May 14, 2013 8:43 pm

LegendarySurgeon wrote:
Rosey wrote:Not that I don't enjoy censorship as my post was deleted, but there's a reason that this has failed 4 times before, because people in general just dislike custom maps. Whether it's that they don't want to install the map, or learn something new, or whatever the fuck. And we only play the same maps over and over again because people constantly vote for the same ones. There are tons of official maps now, it's just we don't vote for them.

I think, rather than that they don't like custom maps, people don't like to play on unfamiliar maps. What this amounts to is that whenever the server goes to a map like junction, yukon, hydro, or harvest (the four least played non-event maps) people get more or less confused and quit because they'd rather play on a server with maps they recognize. One thing that might work is limiting the custom maps to only be vote-able with server pop > 20/24 and and force stock maps in between custom maps as cool-down.

I think this sums it up pretty well, but I want to add a comment or two. Part of the reason that maps like junction, yukon, etc don't get played is because many maps simply are not as well-made as maps like badwater or goldrush (or at least they aren't considered as fun to some people). I believe that this leads people to think that any map that doesn't get played often is automatically a bad map, which means that they won't even give custom maps a chance.

Another issue is what you were referring to: playing on a new map sucks. You will all notice that you play much better on maps that you are familiar with. When you know where health packs are, where the best sentry/sniper/camping spots are, and other info like that, you will perform better. This applies to good/bad players alike. That means that when you play on a new map, you underperform according to your own personal standards that you have set based on playing maps you are accustomed to.

These are just a couple of the struggles of starting a server like this, but it can be overcome if people in the community actually support it. That is a major reason we have failed in the past. We have also had trouble on the administrative side, but we think we have fixed that, so now it is up to us as a whole to help out. If you don't think this server is worth starting, that's fine. Just don't actively dissuade people from at least giving it a chance. If we are going to grow as a community, we need to add servers, and I really don't think we want a bunch of simple reincarnations of the slayboxes. We should mix it up, and this is a good way to start.
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Re: By request: Stock + Custom Payload server

Postby Beartato » Thu May 16, 2013 3:32 pm

Failhorse wrote:We also didn't have things like quickplay and steampipe to help us along. A 40meg map download is about 14 seconds now.

How do QuickPlay and SteamPipe help this? I haven't played TF2 in about a month so I'm honestly out of the loop here. Do they compress a formerly 40 MB map into a smaller package? Because otherwise, that 40 MB download is going to take a lot longer (try 5.5 mins) for people with internet as bad as mine.

That said, if there were a way to download the custom maps ahead of time (with instructions on where to put them, etc. for idiots like myself), it'd be nice to know. I know I'd rather download custom maps while eating dinner rather than while playing on the server.
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