12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

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12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

Postby Failhorse » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:52 pm

I figured I would type this out now. Why 12/16? That was the day The Firm was born as a server group. That was 3 groups ago, but hell, a lot of the people from then, are still around now. Most of the original admins less me and SquirrelMstr, and Snowsickle have moved on. But a ton of the original players are still here. I'm calling us original but we were all about 1-2 weeks into the founding of the group.

A year ago was definitely a different time. The Firm started out with 2 servers and fake clients. 2 servers full 24/7 mind you. Partially full because FUG/FreeFrag didn't exist. They were battling it out with their e-peen for control over the original FUG community and (FFN) servers. It was a great time. Back then, people were starting to realize how annoying FUG (the group) actually was. Just a giant group with a few clicky dicks in charge. If you didn't drink the kool-aid, well, you became a NuBz (haha.)

Anyway. I remember I came into the mix because Diet C couldn't figure out how to get the server off of cp_Well. Turns out it was a clash between 3 different plugins causing the problem. I lucked out in finding it and became an admin. (Also cause they wanted the Nubz to come over.) Which never happened.

If you have stories about your first exp in the community, please share them.
I'll expand on this article when my hungover head feels like clearing up.

Lets take a minute to thank those. (even the fallen.) (and for better or worse)

Original Firm Peoples, for starting it all:
Harri, UA, Naasty, Garfield, Diet Cocaine, Pete
Late comers
Joss, Snow, and Squirrel
Inflikted, Hacker Killer, Shabow
Late Late comers:
Tropp, Maringue, Colander

Gotta thank tropp again for his money and seizing control of the servers from the Firm.. (also Diet C for getting a 178 dollar refund from Art of War.)

Reborn (Two Fingers)
the late late comers above, Forsaken, eniGma(cause i can't remember all their names,) Joss (again,) Ackbar(when she sucked worse,) Smeemo, Toaster,
(edit if i forgot you.)

gotta thank tropp for his money again.... and his OCD for making the new change possible.

Late 2F and Critsandvich
Benny, Nuclear, and YOU! Apparently bright colors, and auto-invite works.
Also thank google ads, and Benny's Genius. (which is separate from Benny himself.)
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Re: 12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

Postby VoltySquirrel » Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:08 pm

I have to thank BP for my being here. I f he hadn't brought me here, I would not have come in at the very tail end of TF. So thanks guys. Your pretty cool. No, I'm not doing that meme.
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Re: 12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

Postby Smeemo » Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:24 pm

I would like to thank eniGma for consisting of cheap sons of whores, which led us to be sponsored by Two Fingers. Ohhh, those were the days... the days of wildly swinging the banhammer as if its wielder was both blindfolded and intoxicated by spirits. Nice post. It's been fun!
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Re: 12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

Postby Patrid » Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:47 pm

Umm NO.
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Re: 12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

Postby Repoman » Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:40 pm

I remember being part of the Lotus clan originally, then I moved on to the Fallen with people like Benny Hill and some others who were in that clan. I left that clan a year ago though because of admin abuse and since then Ive never been dedicated to a group until I finally joined 2F, when I saw Benny Hill play enough online. But then he switched it to Crit Sandviches, and Im proud to say I was one of the first members on the forums, bwaha. :D

But other than that, I really enjoy this group because its very laid back and I have a great time on the servers with everyone. My dad is part of the group even, although he isnt very smart when it comes to joining forums...oh well. But I like it here.
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Re: 12/16/10 will be our 1 year anniversary (technically.)

Postby Ackybur » Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:28 pm


:( i had a 'puter that ran at 10 fps gimme a break.

Also, I was with the joining of The Firm. I remember the big conversation when they brought you and tropp into the chat they had set up. The only difference is I stayed and helped floob/harri with the other server. After I realized a certain person in it was a complete dicky dick I came over to 2fingers. I'm an OG SON!
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