Critsandvich April Contest: 4/2 - 4/30

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Critsandvich April Contest: 4/2 - 4/30

Postby fingerman » Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:59 am

The Critsandvich April contest starts on April 2nd and ends at midnight May 1st. The top 100 hlstats ranked players for April will be randomly drawn to win one of 53 prizes. Prizes include the following:

1 Unusual Hard Counter with Green Energy
2 Unusual Master's Yellow Belt with Circling Peace Sign
3 Unusual Pyromancer's Mask with Green Confetti
4 Earbuds
5 Spine Chilling Skull
6 Voodoo JuJu
7 Familiar Fez
8 Napper's Respite
9 Vintage Tippler's Tricorne
10 Vintage Glengarry Bonnet
11 Bloke's Bucket Hat
12 Napper's Respite
13 Safe and Sound
14 Batter's Helmet
15 Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
16 Bombing Run
17 Vintage Pyro Brain Slug
18 Milkman
19 Rimmed Raincatcher
20 Madame Dixie
21 Handyman's Handle
22 Whoopee Cap
23 Safe and Sound
24 Dr's Dapper Topper
25 Whoopee Cap
26 Stout Shako
27 Defiant Spartan
28 Prince Tavish's Crown
29 Officer's Ushanka
30 Professional's Panama
31 Pyro's Beanie
32 Prussian Pickelhaube
33 Sergant's Drill Hat
34 Trophy Belt
35 Respectless Rubber Glove
36 Tough Guy's Toque
37 The Heavy Duty Rag
38 Cadaver's Cranium
39 Magnificent Mongolian
40 Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
41 Sergant's Drill Hat
42 German Gonzila
43 Otolaryngologist's Mirror
44 Hotrod
45 Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
46 Industrial Festivizer
47 Vintage Merryweather
48 Rimmed Raincatcher
49 German Gonzila
50 Dr's Dapper Topper
51 Gentleman's Gatsby
52 The Athletic Supporter
53 Vintage Merryweather


You must accumulate enough hlstats points to be top ranked in the top 100 to be eligible for the contest drawing. Points can only be earned from 4/2/11 to 4/30/11 You can only accumulate points while playing in SLAYBOX 1 ( or SLAYBOX 2 ( All of the top 100 players have an equal chance to win a top prize. Prizes will be drawn and then announced in May. You can not pick which prize you will receive. All prizes must be picked up in 2 weeks following the announcement of the winners. All users must be a registered user on forums in order to pick up their prize. Only 53 out of the 100 top players will win a prize.

Here is the link for the backpack containing the prizes:

Please add this player as your friend to pick up your prize:

Youtube Video:

Here are two pictures of the unusual hat prizes:
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