Give Your Feedback!

We always love receiving feedback as it's the best way we can improve our experience for you. Having problems with an individual or group on the servers? Micspammers that just don't go away? Maybe the server you love playing on has a mod that's out of date or crashes the server.

This form is designed to let you quickly and easily (no need to sign up on the forums) post your opinion for our leaders to see. We are providing it on the assumption it will not be used in an inappropriate fashion (spamming comments, useless crap, etc). If we get too much we'll be forced to take action. For now, to keep lowly spammers at bay we are using reCAPTCHA.

What We Want

Let us know about speedhackers, wallhackers, excessive micspammers, cheaters, griefers, trade scammers, broken mods, admin abuse, a server configuration you don't like, maps that should be removed or added, features you'd like to see, etc.

If you can provide a demo of the problem, we'd really appreciate it. For example, if someone is hacking, we won't just take your word for it, we'll need proof. To record a demo, type record demoname in console, then stop to stop it. Demos are located in your Steam/steamapps/username/team fortress/tf/ folder with the extension .dem. You can upload a .dem file to a service such as MediaFire, and then post the link in the form. Please ensure to provide the stats link OR steamid OR community link of anyone you complain about so we are sure who they are.

What We Don't Want

If someone is annoying you but not breaking our server rules (see the MOTD), don't complain to us about it unless you really think it's necessary. Keep in mind that there are always people who don't get along, and we can't solve everyone's problems. Remember, there's a Mute Players option for a reason. If you are just annoyed by someone's voice, just mute them yourself, don't make us deal with it.

No One Reads These, Right?

Actually, we do. All of our leaders receive all of these posts, and we will do our best to deal with each one of them. Keep in mind that we can't appease everyone. But if you posted here before but think the issue isn't resolved (and it's a valid issue) don't hesitate to join our forums and complain there. We truly want your experience to be optimal and would really like to know if something's a problem.

The Form

Link to demo:

Prove you are a human:

These posts aren't posted anywhere publicly. They are auto-emailed to our leaders (Red admins) only. If you provide your email (optional), we won't use it for anything other than to contact you about your complaint. If you want to ensure your in-game name is not used anywhere please leave that form blank. If you post to this from the in-game !feedback or !report command your steamid will be privately logged.