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Or, do a quick donation! IMPORTANT: As should be obvious, quick donations do not give you any privileges! Use this method only if you want to donate without benefits or other recognition.


We accept donations merely so that we can continue as a group without financial woes. Maintaining servers and a website is not outrageously expensive, but it's great to have financial support.

Rest assured, your donations are for a good cause. However, we don't want to take your money without giving you something in return! For a $5 donation per month we offer our exclusive Crit Sandvich Donator membership. This membership includes fair, non-game-breaking donator privileges that we hope will serve as a donation incentive!

What You Get

Upon donating $5, you'll receive the Crit Sandvich donator package on all of our servers (the ones listed on the server list to the right) for ONE month. The donator package includes:

  • NO PREMIUM BENEFITS—We are not in the business of screwing our... less well-off... players, so we do not, and will never offer premium benefits for donating. All benefits are purely cosmetic and fun in nature and do not change gameplay on our servers.
  • Reserved Slots for All Servers—You can join our servers ANYTIME, even when they're full (don't worry, these reserved slots don't kick anyone, ever)!
  • Killcam Messages—type !msg Your Message Here in-game to taunt your victims: they'll see the message when you kill them!
  • Colored Chat Text—Your name will appear as [D] Anonymous : What you want to say
  • Round-End-Immunity—When the round is over, even if you lose, you can't die!
  • Free Sandviches—type !sm_sandvich—or bind it to a key—and a (tragically inedible) sandvich will appear in front of your eyes!
  • Say anything—Have your character choose from a list of silly things to say, from the old favorite Pootis Spencer Here to the more tender C'mere sweetheart! ♥♥♥
  • Your name appears on the top right CLUB SANDVICH list!
  • Your name turns green on the forums, so all can know you've donated!
  • Special access to our exclusive Donator Lounge!

What if you hate it?

We'll honor refunds of any donations within a week of granting privileges if you feel they are not worth it (we don't want people having admin for 20 days and getting a refund afterwards, of course). However, as a donator you have the right to demand better benefits, as long as they don't ruin the experience for free players (to reiterate, we'll never run any Premium mods).

You'll need to login or create an account to donate! Register or login, then come back to this page.