Critsandvich Server Admins

The following steam users are admins on Critsandvich's servers. You may add them to your friends list if you have an issue that needs resolving. Please try to direct your questions and comments to the correct color admin to avoid wasting time and effort. Thank you!

Red Admins

Red admins are the backbone of critsandvich, and deal with matters such as website administration and server configuration. Please don't contact them unless it's over a matter that cannot be resolved by a game admin. Problems with people in a server and ban/mute requests are examples of problems not to come to a Red Admin with. Admin abuse, misconfiguration and problems registering on the website are examples of problems you should contact them about.

Blue Admins

Blue admins manage the Slaybox category of servers, including the Chicago Slayboxes and the West Coast slaybox. Contact them about cheaters, hackers, and the like.

Pink Admins

Pink admins manage the Love Nest server.

Gold Admins

Gold admins manage the trade server. Please contact them about scammers.