Sandvich and me going to beat your ass!

About Critsandvich

We're a casual gaming community that wishes to provide a hassle-free, consistent gaming experience that everyone can enjoy. Our goal is to provide you with an unrivaled in-game experience. If you found us through our servers, we'd love to see your avatar on our forums! Join us—we welcome all community members provided they follow our reasonable rules.

About The Servers

We try to offer the best-configured servers available, and we offer a variety of options for TF2 gaming. If you have a problem with a server configuration, or find a typo or glitch that shouldn't be there, let us know! We love to hear feedback and would rather hear your negative opinion on the forums than have you ragequit without telling us why.

We Support Clans

We are not a clan. We don't play competitively and we don't have an entrance exam. Anyone's welcome to wear the CSn| tag whenever they want. However, we have nothing against clans! If you're a brand new clan and need servers, a website or anything else, we'd love to help. Joining Crit Sandvich is a great opportunity for your clan to meet other growing clans, schedule matches, and learn how to get better.

If you're a clan leader and are interested, please sign up for our forums and post and introduction. We'll get you set up with a private subforums to discuss tactics and make plans, or we can give you your own subdomain.

Thank Yous

Firstly, we'd like to thank our many generous donators, without whom we would never have stayed afloat so long. In addition, we'd like to thank NuclearFallout for providing the web server for, as well as the hardware for the HLSTATSX, and the Trade Server. Thanks as well to rem-fingerman for providing the hardware for Slaybox I and II, the Westbox, Love Nest, and the private match server! These extremely-fast servers are awesome! Thanks to our admins for being there and taking good care of our server population! And of course, thanks to Robin Walker and the entire TF2 team for making such a long-lasting and amazing game!